Prospera provides sophisticated user-friendly cashflow modelling software for forecasting the wealth created during your clients’ working lives and their potential income in retirement.

If you are a financial planner or financial advice professional who is looking for a platform on which to base a valuable fee-for-service offering, you have come to the right place.

Powerful financial modelling

Model wealth creation and risk mitigation strategies right through to retirement. Compare strategies with existing plans and undertake real-time remodelling as circumstances dictate.

Easy-to-use software

Sophisticated user-friendly cashflow modelling software. Prospera is cloud-based subscription software with a simple, clean interface backed by a powerful calculation engine.

Supporting regular client engagement

A platform for providing a valuable fee-for-service offering. Easy-to-understand table and graph-based reports support goal-centred conversations between advisers and clients.

The Prospera Story

Filling a gap in the financial advice professionals' toolkit

Founded in 2014, Prospera was developed to address a gap in the service offerings of financial planners and other financial advice professionals.

Revenue Generation

Prospera supports a fee-for-service business model enabling financial advisers to sell their financial advice. It offers three revenue generation opportunities based on up-front, ongoing and product fees.

Client Retention

Prospera supports advisers in building client trust by demonstrating the wealth creation benefits of implemented financial strategies.

Real-time Modelling

Prospera offers unlimited modelling of financial strategies based on different variables and assumptions, as well as rapid remodelling as circumstances dictate.

Why choose Prospera?

  • The Prospera software allows advisers to transition from a product sale service offering to a holistic advice service offering. Prospera clients are willing to pay for the valuable service they receive as a result of following the Prospera advice process. We find clients appreciate the monthly monitoring of their lifestyle and financial position.

    Brendan Minehan
    National Financial Services
  • Prospera is the only tool that enables me to track my clients’ progress against their financial strategy each month.

    Sandy Hopps
    Strategic Planners Pty Ltd
  • Our clients don’t make a move without our advice. Prospera did that.

    Jason Poole
    GPA Matrix, Newcastle
  • Prospera supports a business model that is completely independent from product or product suppliers.

    Allison Dummett
  • If a strategic financial plan can’t keep up with changing life circumstances, what use is it? Prospera facilitates easy remodelling of financial strategies as circumstances dictate.

    Rob Pederson
    Matrix Norwest
  • Prospera achieves joint accountability between adviser and client to meet agreed goals; strategic over transactional. The financial rewards, client satisfaction and adviser satisfaction become far greater. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    Troy Collins
    Collins Financial Group

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