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Prospera is the fully functional version of the software that enables modelling of all types of asset, debt, revenue and expense classes. Ideal for financial advisors who view the provision of fee-for-service strategic financial planning as a core line of business.

Recycle My Debt (RMD)

RMD is a scaled down version of Prospera and an excellent entry-level product to strategic financial planning. Like Prospera, it enables advisers to model detailed cashflow forecasts throughout their clients’ working lives and into retirement.

Financial Modelling Services

Prospera offers an ad-hoc modelling service that is suitable for individuals, or for financial professionals with insufficient client demand to justify an ongoing software subscription.

User Benefits

Revenue Generation

Prospera supports a fee-for-service business model enabling financial advisors to sell their financial advice. It offers three revenue generation opportunities for financial advice professionals: up-front fees, ongoing fees, and product fees.

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Client Retention

Prospera detailed reports demonstrate the overall wealth creation benefits of an implemented financial strategy. Clients who can see the outcomes of their adviser’s strategic advice are more likely to remain clients and are more likely to purchase financial products from their adviser.

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Software Features

Cloud-based subscription software with a powerful calculation engine that is updated regularly to reflect tax and superannuation legislative changes. Prospera can model unlimited financial strategies and creates easy-to-understand reports.

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Which product is right for you?


I am a financial advice professional who is looking to develop a strategic financial planning business line, generating at least 25% of my total revenue.

Recycle My Debt

I am a financial advice professional with at least ten clients looking to use home equity to develop a passive income stream and recycle undeductible personal debt to deductible investment debt.

Financial Modelling

I am an individual or financial advice professional with one or two clients interested in a strategic financial plan or advice around debt recycling.

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