User-friendly financial modelling software


For financial advice professionals
looking to develop a strategic financial planning business line

Prospera is the fully-functional version of the software. It enables the modelling of all types of asset, debt, revenue and expense classes. While Prospera subscription fees can be covered by just two or three strategic financial planning clients, the software is best utilised by financial advisers who view the provision of fee-for-service strategic financial planning as a core business line.

Typically, such practices will have a numerically savvy adviser or a CSO who will develop expertise in using the software, and relatively high net-worth clients who utilise a number of financial instruments for wealth creation (eg investment properties, trusts, self-managed super funds etc).

Cloud-based modelling software

Prospera is cloud-based subscription software with a simple, clean interface backed by a powerful calculation engine. It is updated regularly to reflect tax and superannuation legislative changes.

prospera financial modelling software dashboard

Model unlimited financial strategies

Prospera facilitates comprehensive “What If” analysis enabling advisers to demonstrate the short and long-term impact of clients’ saving, spending and investment decisions.

projected wealth

Client engagement reports

Prospera produces easy-to-read client engagement reports that clearly demonstrate the benefits of your advice.

Case Studies

Prospera in action. Read the case studies below.
comparison income

Case Studies

Prospera in action. Read our case studies
Modelling and comparing different wealth creation scenarios for informed decision making. Tracking progress against the chosen strategy.
Using Prospera to demonstrate the financial impact on the surviving partner with and without life insurance.
Examining the impact of a 3% rise in interest rates against various investment scenarios. Providing a wealth summary report of the chosen financial strategy.

Prospera Subscription Fees

Paid by direct debit, a Prospera subscription is $570 + GST per month.