Simple financial modelling

Recycle My Debt

An excellent entry-level product to strategic financial planning

Recycle My Debt (RMD) is a scaled down version of Prospera and an excellent entry-level product to strategic financial planning. As with Prospera, it enables advisers to model detailed cashflow forecasts throughout the clients’ working lives and into retirement.

Clients suitable for RMD modelling will typically be aged 30-55 and have:

  • one or two wage earners with or without children
  • a home mortgage and superannuation
  • 30% or more home equity and a preparedness to use home equity to fund a geared investment portfolio, and
  • a long-term investment horizon of 7 years or more.

Clients that implement an effective RMD strategy create wealth by recycling debt from a private line of credit (including mortgage) to an investment line of credit. In doing so they take advantage of the income and capital returns on their investments and the favourable tax treatment of investment line of credit interest payments.

Over time, an RMD strategy creates wealth and improves retirement lifestyle, without impacting the client’s current standard of living.

Rapid Development of Debt Recycling Strategies

Using the same cloud-based platform as fully-functional Prospera, RMD facilitates quick but comprehensive debt-recycling modelling.
RMD rapid development of debt recycling strategies screenshot

Recycle Debt to Provide Future Wealth

RMD enables advisers to discuss how debt recycling strategies can create wealth over time and assist clients in providing for their desired future lifestyle.
RMD modelling future dollars
Examining opportunities to create wealth through recycling non-deductible personal debt into tax-deductible investment debt associated with income-generating investments.

Recycle My Debt Subscription Fees

Paid by direct debit, an RMD subscription is $360 + GST per month.

Note: Prospera and RMD are based on the same software platform. Prospera users have RMD functionality included.
RMD users can upgrade to Prospera and retain all of the models and reports created in RMD.