Software Tutorials

Helpful video tutorials for Prospera users

Prospera Webinar Summer #1 Functionality and Security

Includes a quick reminder of what Prospera does and describes new data entry automated functions.

Prospera Webinar Summer #2 Reports and Calculations

Discusses new reporting capabilities including the Track to Plan summary page that allows clients to compare how they are tracking against plan in the areas of savings, accounts, investment/super, and overall wealth targets. Plus, updates to calculations in relation to Centrelink requirements and government regulations.

Prospera Webinar Summer #3 SMSF

Looking at how to include a self-managed super funds in your model, and modelling an investment property in an SMSF. Plus, some important things you need to be aware of when creating models with SMFs. Plus, computer security setting updates.

Prospera Webinar Autumn #1 Equity Builder

Focusing on the new automated modelling program, Prospera Equity Builder, which automatically models optimised debt recycling strategies for clients, quickly and easily with minimal data entry requirements. 

Prospera Webinar Autumn #2 System Messages, Income & Super Data

Quick reminder of what Prospera does. The “no projections” system message, and some back to basic hints in relation to modelling income and superannuation contributions. 

Prospera Webinar Winter #1 RMD

Focusing on the recycle my debt modelling option and some tips to tweak the outcomes on RMD models. 

Prospera Webinar Winter #2 Super Changes

Discussing the system updates to cater for the super rules changes from 1 July 2017.