Strategic Financial Planning Papers

Useful and informative publications for financial advice professionals

The Answer is Strategic Advice

In this age of digital disruption, robo-advice and DIY investing and insurance, how can professional financial advisers add value, stay relevant and ensure their business models are compliant, effective and profitable?

This paper examines these issues and many more.

Mapping Fintech to the Financial Planning Process

This report highlights the significant benefits technology can play in the financial planning process, and why financial planners should be exploring options to make their financial planning process more efficient and more engaging for their clients. (Prospera financial modelling software is referenced on pages 24 and 26.)

FPA Fintech White Paper Nov 2017

Other useful resources for financial advice professionals

Recycle My Debt Client Brochure

This brochure is designed for financial advisers to provide to their clients. It provides an overview of how Prospera RMD is used to illustrate the financial benefits of a debt recycling strategy, and to track progress against plan.

Recycle My Debt Client Brochure